Review program details

Please read the program overview and details here before sending in your application. We want you here, but you have to be sure The Mission House is where you want to be.


Message from Matt

God loves you. He wants to take your broken past and all its failures and make it a story of success and hope. You belong at The Mission House — it’s your turn to win.

If you have questions, let me know.


Before you fill out an application to The Mission House call one of our Directors to talk about joining.

  • Matt Perkins (360) 621-0614 
  • Godwin Selembo (360) 509-9008
  • Jeff Secrest (360) 265-6790

Download the pdf version of the application and send it to us by email.

While you’re waiting to hear back from The Mission House:

  • Consider whether you have a true desire to seek God and His kingdom, and be sure you are ready to submit to the teachings of Scripture.
  •  Have recent blood work results, with testing for HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C and Tuberculosis. 
  • Submit to a Washington State Patrol background check. We cannot accept convicted sex offenders; however, we do have places to recommend.