Our Program Structure

Level 1 (the first 30 days)

Upon arrival, the resident will be on a 30-day black-out period. No phone calls, mail or visits. This period is to aid them in the adjustment of the rules, and more importantly to aid in establishing healthy work, study and prayer habits. The resident may attend outside mandatory programs with others in the program. 

Level 2 (30 to 60 days)

Once the resident graduates into Level Two, they are allowed to have in-house visits (see visiting schedule). They can also leave for a set amount of time to shop, go to lunch, etc. with an approved sponsor. They are also allowed to use the phone (see recreation and phone schedule).

Level 3 (60 to 180 days)

Once a resident graduates into Level Three they are allowed to go on off-site, sponsored visits. These visits must be pre-approved and the resident must remain with the pre-approved sponsor at all times. It must be within the set visiting hours (see visitation schedule); and overnight visits are not allowed.  (Married men in their final month will be given offsite weekend passes for transitional counseling purposes.)

Level 4 (180 to 270 days)

Once a resident finishes six months at The Mission House North Kitsap, they may be required to move to a Graduate House for three months. They will continue to work with the Mission House crews, while having more privileges (see Graduate House rules). The last month in the program will focus on a job search and begin the transition.

Accountability Mentors

When a resident reaches 90 days, he will be required to have an accountability partner that he meets with once a week.