Admission Requirements

The Mission House North Kitsap has the following mandatory requirements. A person seeking admission must:

  • Understand we are a Christ-Focused program.

  • Be in acknowledgement of their problems and mistakes and have the willingness to be lead and taught through the Bible and our biblical counseling.

  • Submit to a Federal background check. We cannot accept convicted sex offenders; however we do have places to recommend.

The Cost of the Program

The Mission House is funded mainly by donation; excluding the cost of admission ($750) to those desiring Christ’s help in overcoming their addiction. We do not require a monthly commitment, although the families of the people in the program are encouraged to support as much as they are able.

Our Program Structure

Level 1 (the first 30 days)

Upon arrival, the resident will be on a minimum 30-day black-out period. No phone calls, mail or visits. This period is to aid them in the adjustment of our policies, and more importantly to aid in establishing healthy work, study, prayer habits, as well as helping the resident focus on their transformation. The resident may attend outside mandatory programs with others in the program. 

Level 2 (30 to 60 days)

Once the resident graduates into Level Two, they are allowed to have in-house or off-site, local visits.  (see visiting schedule). They may be also allowed to leave for a set amount of time to shop, go to lunch, etc. with an approved sponsor. They are also allowed to use the phone (see recreation and phone schedule). Residents may not go home for the first 30 days of the of visits, they must be with their sponsor at all times

Level 3 (60 to 180 days)

Once a resident graduates into Level Three they are allowed to go on in house or off-site, sponsored visits. These visits must be pre-approved and the resident must remain with the pre-approved sponsor at all times.  Residents may visit at their homes if approved by their house director.  It must be within the set visiting hours (see visitation schedule); and overnight visits are not allowed.  (Married men in their final month will be given offsite weekend passes for transitional counseling purposes.)

Level 4 (180 to 270 days)

Once a resident finishes six months at The Mission House, they may be required to move to a Graduate House for three months. They will continue to work with the Mission House crews, while having more privileges (see Graduate House rules). The last month in the program will focus on a job search and begin the transition.


When a resident reaches 90 days, he will be required to have a mentor that he meets with once a week.

Rules & Regulations

Disciplinary Procedures

If a resident is involved in a disciplinary issue:

  • They must attend a meeting with the Director.

  • If the issue cannot be resolved, they will attend a meeting before the Mission House staff.

  • They must be willing to abide by the Biblical sanctions set forth by the staff’s decision.

  • If a person is unwilling to follow the rules set forth, they will be brought before the staff again. This time to review the possibility of removal from the program.

Dispute Resolution Between Residents

When a dispute arises between two residents, they are required to resolve it among themselves using healthy Biblical procedures. We will help by walking through conflict resolution homework and guiding the resident through healthy conflict practices. If it continues to be a problem after that, the issue will be brought before the staff. The resident must comply with any sanctions handed down by the staff’s decision.

Removal From the Program

There are four reasons a resident may be asked to immediately leave The Mission House program:

  1. Drug or alcohol relapse of any kind, or refusing a drug or alcohol test.

  2. Fighting or violence of any kind.

  3. Sexual misconduct.

  4. Theft

If any of these occur, the resident may be asked to immediately remove himself from the premises. A hearing will follow to seek proper Biblical restoration. Removal from the program is a decision made by the Director… It IS NOT a staff decision.


All residents are required to fill out and return a PDI (personal data inventory) form. There are weekly counseling sessions, and residents are required to participate and complete all assigned homework.


No drug or alcohol use will be tolerated. Residents must consent to a drug or alcohol test whenever requested. If a test is refused, it is treated as a positive test result; which results in immediate removal. If a resident is found in possession of either drugs or alcohol they will be immediately removed from the program.

Studies and Meetings

A resident is required to attend all studies, meetings and classes both in-house and churches in our local area.

Work Requirements

Residents are required to work every day with the Mission House work crews. In addition, there are daily house chores to be completed. All chores must be finished before any recreational activities can begin.


Residents are required to turn in any money to the Director or House Manager, which will be kept in The Mission House savings account. Residents may never have money in their possession.

When a resident needs a resupply of personal items, items may be sent to them by their family, be purchased by the family on a visitation, or be purchased on a Saturday shopping trip with the House Manager who will accompany them to the store in order to pay for their purchases with the money they have in the Mission House savings account.

Tobacco Products

The use of any kind of tobacco products is strictly forbidden (chew, cigarettes, cigars etc.). If a resident needs help with quitting the house director will have a meeting with the resident to see how we can help.

Foul Language

There is no foul language or coarse joking of any kind allowed in The Mission House.


There are no members of the opposite sex allowed in The Mission House unless the visit is pre-approved, and then only in the designated visiting area.


There is no pornography of any kind (movies, magazines, phone calls, etc.) allowed on the premises of The Mission House.


There is no abusive music (music that contains sexual innuendos, drug references, foul language, etc.) allowed in The Mission House.

Forbidden Items

  • Cell phones (activated or not)

  • Any electronics with internet capability (i.e.-laptops, iPod Touch, PSP, etc.)

  • Video Games (handheld or console)

  • Prescription Medications w/o prior approval

  • Derogatory clothing (that displays or encourages sex, drugs, violence, etc.)

  • Checkbooks & Debit/Credit Cards & Gift Cards

  • Movies: Unrated or R rated

  • Supplements for workouts (vitamins allowed if approved by staff)

  • Guns or weapons of any kind


These rules may be amended by the Director without any notification to the residents of the program, and must be followed at all times.


Each resident must have an Approved Sponsor in order to leave the premises on their Saturday visits, or for any other reason (medical, legal, etc.). Please download the following application, which all sponsors must complete and return before any visits will be allowed. The resident will be allowed a maximum of three approved sponsors at any given time. (insert form here)

Visitation Schedule

Residents may receive visits only on Saturdays, from 1-9 PM. This applies to both in-house and out-of-house visitation.

Exceptions will be made on holidays and for out-of-state families traveling long distances. A written visitation plan MUST be in place by Thursday morning prior to the weekend visit. If you do not submit a visiting plan, you will not be allowed a visit that weekend.

Phone Call Schedule

Residents may receive phone calls:

  • Fridays, 6 PM – 12 AM

  • Saturdays, 1 – 11 PM

  • Sundays 1 – 10 PM

Daily Schedule

Monday - Friday

     6:00 AM        Everyone must be out of bed

     6:00 AM        Quiet time of personal study and prayer

     7:00 AM        Breakfast, cleanup and getting lunches ready for work

     7:30 AM        Group prayer

     8:00 AM        Daily devotional lesson

     9:00 AM        Depart for work detail

     5:00 PM        Arrive home, relaxing and getting ready for dinner (may take a nap)

     6:00 PM        Dinner and cleanup

     7:00 PM        Free time for study, or attend mandatory meetings or events
                           (in-house Bible studies, church functions, prayer groups, etc.
                           See weekly schedule of studies)

   10:00 PM        Quiet time (reading and studying in rooms only)

   11:00 PM        LIGHTS OUT (Friday quiet time to 12:00 AM, lights out 1:00 AM)


     9:00 AM        Everyone must be out of bed

     9:00 AM        Quiet time of personal study and prayer

   10:00 AM        Breakfast and cleanup

    11:00 AM       House, yard and vehicle clean-up (see chore list)

      1:00 PM       Free time and visitation

      6:00 PM       Dinner and cleanup

      7:00 PM       Free time

    11:00 PM       Quiet time

    12:00 AM       LIGHTS OUT!


     7:00 AM        Everyone must be out of bed

     7:00 AM        Breakfast and cleanup

     8:00 AM        Church Gatherings

     1:00 PM        Free time

     6:00 PM        Dinner and cleanup

     7:00 PM         Free time

   10:00 PM         Quiet time

   11:00 PM         LIGHTS OUT!