Bremerton House

We opened our Bremerton House in 2016. Jeff Secrest is the house director and Ken Riley is the teaching leader.  Their wives, Becky and Kim, serve with them to support the wives and families of Mission House residents.



JefF's Story

At 43 years old my life was an absolute wreck with thoughts of suicide occuring more and more often, at times daily. Alcohol, doctor prescribed medications for anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and tobacco dominated my life. I was doing my best to hide this and keep it together. I failed miserably. Lost jobs, no hope, no joy and definitely no purpose, that was me. My wife was done with me! I needed help!

God had a better plan for my life! After a medical detox I entered the Mission House. This is where I met Jesus! Not being raised as a Christian man if you would have told me Jesus would change my life and set me free, I would have laughed at you.  Praying, learning God’s word, fellowshipping and serving others had the biggest impact on my life while at the Mission House. After 6 months, I graduated and was reunited with my family.

Today I have the privilege of being the director of the Bremerton Mission House. My wife, Becky, serves alongside me as an advocate for the wives and families of the men who are residents. Needless to say alcohol, drugs and tobacco are no longer a part of our lives.

There’s so much good news to share that I must have a conversation with you! Come to the Mission House and BE SET FREE BY JESUS!

Galatians 5:1 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Becky's STORY

My name is Becky and Jeff is my Husband.  Jeff went into Mission House in March of 2014.  At that point I had gotten very used to raising our six year old and two year old twins without his help.  I had watched him sink deeper and deeper into his addiction and darkness for years and God had brought me to a place where I knew he needed to be away from me and our family to get the help he needed. So I packed his bags with a heart set on divorce and he went to Mission House.

I needed Mission House as much as Jeff.  While he was gone, God worked on my heart.  He removed my self-righteous anger and my bitterness and replaced it with forgiveness. He began healing me and drew me near to Him. This began the rebuilding of our marriage with Christ at the center.

My desire is to come alongside wives who are embarking on a journey of healing of their own while their spouses are in Mission House. I want to give support, encouragement and practical assistance so that women know they are not alone.


Ken & Kim Riley

KEN's Story

I believe that the power of addiction needs to be faced head on. It is destroying men and women every day, leaving them helpless and hopeless searching for a cure. I know of this phenomenon from personal experience.

I strongly believe that the Mission House is a God ordained space that is a culture of light where Jesus can break the chains of addiction and set people free. There is too much at stake. There are too many families that are broken, too many lives that are destroyed and too many dreams that are on hold because of the trap of addiction. I am committed to doing whatever possible to help heal this epidemic; so lives can be transformed, families restored, and the captives set free in Jesus' name!


I'm Ken's wife Kim, and I am extremely passionate about helping women who are supporting their spouses as they go through their experience at the Mission House.  I believe that women need the space to express their concerns to people who are ready to listen and comfort them. I am willing to give my time, use my personal experience, and field of knowledge to help women as they go through this journey with their partners.