Allan, Graduate of The Mission House

Allan, Graduate of The Mission House

Allan's Story

I’ve had a battle with alcohol since I was 8 years old. My dad drank a lot – it was always around.

In the military, during Vietnam, drugs and alcohol were just part of the life. When I got out of the service, I got a job at the shipyard, but by then I had a real problem with drugs and alcohol. I stopped caring and quit showing up to work.

I’ve been in at least five different recovery programs since 1986. I’d stay sober for as long as eight years — I went to school and even became a successful RN.  But I’d hit a hard place and give myself excuses to start drinking again: my job was stressful, relationships were rough, everybody else is drinking. . .

The last time I fell off the wagon, I ended up homeless and living in my car. I had lost everything. That’s when my daughter heard about The Mission House.

I was afraid, going in. I told my daughter, “At my age, I’m supposed to have my stuff together.” But I had nowhere to go. I’m glad I didn’t have any money because I would still be out there trying to drink myself to death.  

The Mission House took a different approach to my addiction and talked about it as a sin I needed to let go of and I saw that my addiction was more than just about alcohol. The Holy Spirit worked on me to give God control of my life. Now, I’m taking one step at a time with Him at the center of my life. And I have a brotherhood of support to keep me going.